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The Courageous Entrepreneur Show

Jun 4, 2017

Aligning faith and work isn't easy.

When business coach Ed Rush invited me to a workshop he was putting on in San Diego that he called Ultimate Breakthrough and that promised to specifically discuss how to merge faith with growing a business, I knew I had to attend.

It was a great event for many reasons but it really threw me for a loop.

While at that event I realized that there was a calling I was resisting. That event -- and specifically Melvin's message -- helped me give-in to that call and start this show.

I made sure to connect with Melvin on Facebook and I make sure to watch his daily videos for my burst of faith inspiration.

If you've ever felt trapped in a pit of unworthiness, knowing you were called for more but afraid to take action, then I hope this episode speaks to you.

My guest grew up in apartheid South Africa as one of six children in a Hindu family. They were incredibly poor living in a tin shack with no running water. But he was greatly influenced by his mother and her belief in Jesus.

She used to tell him that if he ever wanted anything he was to pray to Jesus.

Melvin went from spending $2 to rent an audio tape of the legendary speaker Zig Ziglar to becoming a vice president in the Ziglar organization. Today, he's a an advisor to CEOs, political leaders, and entrepreneurs looking to take themselves, their countries, and their businesses to new heights of success in a way that's consistent with their faith.

In this episode of The Courageous Entrepreneur show Melvin reveals...

The role faith plays in helping us break free from the chains of trauma  How to deal with feelings of unworthiness and embrace the fact that Jesus is our brother  How shame can block faith  How an abundance mindset fits with being faithful  and so much more.

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Reach Melvin:

at his website and learn of his upcoming events

on You Tube where you can watch his videos   

on Facebook where you can communicate with him and get Melvin's inspiring messages on a daily basis   

Go Deeper with Additional Research

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill - This little known book by Napoleon Hill shares his thoughts on faith and entrepreneurship. His wife wouldn't allow it to be published because she thought the message was too strong. I love this. It's one of my favorite books.