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The Courageous Entrepreneur Show

Jun 18, 2017

Welcome to The Courageous Entrepreneur Show where we share information and inspiration to help you overcome the obstacles that can get in your way as you build the successful business and life you want and deserve.

When we were in corporate life we could consider ourselves lucky if we had one good work friend who we shared a work space with or worked on projects with.

Whether you’re a corporate escapee or an accidental entrepreneur one of the dreams you may have had when you started your coaching, consulting, or other expertise-based business was that you could work with people you genuinely like, even love.

So just imagine the fun, the excitement of building a business with your best friend.

Even in the struggles, you’ve got someone to share the ups and downs, to lighten the load, and to help maximize revenue.
But what happens when it suddenly ends and it ends because of a tragedy?

In today’s episode you’ll meet Everett O’Keefe the owner of a business called The Solution Machine.

  • Listen in and you’ll hear him share…
    The fun and excitement of working with his best friend and how they got their struggling business on a solid financial footing and began to grow when suddenly his partner, John passed away.
  • Everett explains how he dealt with the loss from a business standpoint and shares tips for how you can begin planning now for the worst.
  • The tactics he shares will also help you look at your business a little differently and spot vulnerable areas where you may be relying too heavily on one person or source of help.

Stay with us til the end and I’ll share your reflection exercise and action step for this episode.

Guest Contact Information
Everett's website 
The mastermind retreats and mastermind group Everet runs 
Everett's Tip Sheet on how to find the best mastermind for you 

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